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Driving Sustainability For our future

To practice what we preach we run our sustainability E-Waste initiative program, to minimise the footprint our industry can have on the environment, we responsibly collect technology thats served it purpose or is simply past its usable life and ensure that it gets recycled responsibly with our waste partners who share the same vision & passion for us and the environment.

if you have some technology that needs to be disposed of confidingly feel free to reach out to us to see how we can help you, to help us do the right thing by the environment.

Sustainability Mission

By running our E-Waste program every device that goes through it is one small step towards the bigger goal - A more sustainable future, while lowering the impact on the environment for us all.

Hardware Types

Any old Audio Visual, displays, projection devices, IT, computers, speakers, servers, keyboards, laptops, video conferencing devices, mobile handsets are suitable for our E-Waste program, Loose items can be removed free of charge and some fixed items can be removed for a small fee (case by case).

Want to do your bit?

Talk to us to see how we can help you responsibly remove your E-waste and all do our bit for our environment .

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