What is Material Web Design ?

In the world of web design, “what is material design?” is a common question. The short answer is that it’s a visual design language developed by Google. The specifics are a bit complicated, so we broke it down to help you understand its main principles and its importance.

Material design is Google’s idea of how websites and apps should look and operate across all devices. Essentially, it combines the standard elements of good web design with the capabilities of modern technology and science. The goal is to create an experience that, as Google so aptly stated, is “grounded in tactile reality…yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” In other words, material design draws inspiration from the real world to create a sleek digital experience.

The web design trends that are expected to flourish in 2016 are all heavily focused on creating a brilliant user experience. Material design is no exception. As demonstrated above, the ultimate goal of material design is to immerse users by creating a natural-feeling interface that’s free of distractions. So, websites that are not user-friendly will become obsolete as easy-to-use sites become increasingly popular.

Jul, 25, 2015